On Beta Island

Beta Jelly

The Beta Jelly can only be earned during the beta phase of the game, on Beta Island.
In Harmonia, if you take good care of an animal, it will gain one XP point per day in game (every 15 minutes). On Beta Island, animals do not earn XP points, but Beta Jelly. This beta jelly is registered in the mutable attributes of the animal on the blockchain. At the end of the beta phase, you can either convert your Beta Jelly into HmX or sell your animal with Beta Jelly.
On PlayTiX connect you can update your mutable attributes on-chain, showing the Beta Jelly on your animals.
Daily production of beta jelly
Some NFTs can improve Jelly generation, such as the Goya First Edition skin, which gives an extra 10%.

On Harmonia

In game, the player earns fGmX and in rare cases HmX. The fGmX is also used to perform different types of actions.


This HmX has the particularity of being usable in the crafting mechanic. If a player adds an HmX to the resources needed to create an item, the durability/solidity of this item is increased tenfold. Some very rare items require an HmX to be created.
HmX is an NFT. There a many advantages of having our high-value token as an NFT, especially considering the large volume of players we want to target on the long-run:
  • It's easier to re-sell game tokens for usual players on user-friendly marketplaces such as AtomicHub or Neftyblocks (in the future).
  • It makes the game mobile store compliant to attract mass-market players.
  • It avoids having a high correlation with the overall crypto market (and specially with Bitcoin and Ethereum) so that HmX value is defined by the supply and demand from players only.
  • It is blockchain-agnostic: transferring NFTs across chains is easier and will allows for blockchain gamers to arbitrage across-marketplaces.
  • It reduces the risk of legal pressure looming over crypto-currencies.
HmX can be earned in game instead of fGmX. This phenomenon is rare and random.
We offer to instantly redeem your HmX (at the fixed market price) so you don't get stuck in your progress. However, you can always decide to sell it to other players at any price you wish.

fGmX (in-game credit)

The fGmX is an in-game credit allowing the game to be present on mobile stores.
The fGmX can be claimed against GmX, and vice versa, on a dedicated web interface outside the game. fGmX cannot be purchased on the mobile store shops because it would partially remove some of the GmX utility and make it difficult to maintain the token value.
So, you only have the following ways to buy/earn fGmX:
  • Buy GmX and claim fGmX;
  • Winning mini-games;
  • Staking GmX
  • Perform specific in-game actions provided by staking GmX beforehand.

Gamix ($GmX, FT)

The game token listed on exchanges. Used to stake in cooperatives but also to have more fGmX in the game. A web interface allows fGmX to be claimed against GmX and vice versa.
GmX is the governance token of Harmonia. To stake in the different cooperatives gives a vote in decisions related to the cooperative's area of competence.

Summary of token movements/exchanges

How to obtain
Where to spend
  • I perform an action and I have staked GmX on the cooperative linked to this action
  • I buy it on a marketplace
  • I burn it to craft objects
  • I sell it on the marketplace
$GmX (FT)
  • I claim my fGmX
  • I buy on an exchange
  • I claim fGmX
  • I trade it on an exchange
  • I stake in cooperatives
  • Later on: I can use it to buy NFTs on Harmonia’s marketplace
fGmX (in game currency)
  • I perform an action and I have staked GmX on the cooperative linked to this action
  • By winning a mini-game
  • I repair an object
  • I make an integrated purchase (cheaper than in FIAT).
  • I want to try a mini-game again
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fGmX (in-game credit)
Gamix ($GmX, FT)
Summary of token movements/exchanges