NFTs & Sales

Most of the interactive elements are available in NFT version and can therefore be bought, sold and rented.
We operate on a daily drop system (similar to Fortnite). We offer daily NFTs animals, trees, and sometimes pens/skin/mounts/objects. These items are offered for auction, players bid with fruit.


Goya First Edition
All players start the game with the initial version of Goya, but many other versions are to come. Not all of these skins have an impact on gameplay, some are purely cosmetic, but others will change your gameplay statistics.


All animal species are available in NFT and non-NFT versions. This allows players to experience all species before making a purchase in order to convert more players. What's the point of buying an NFT animal if I can get it for free? NFT and non-NFT animals do not have the same in-game properties. Only NFT animals produce extraordinary resources. These resources are more expensive and are useful for the manufacture of precious items (which more often produce mini-games and therefore Sorgho or Chronolyx, see the chapter Play to earn). To find out more about the animals and their themes, go to the gameplay section


Animals do not roam freely on the map. To interact with them, the player must first place them in a pen. To place an insect in a pen, the pen must not contain any insectivores. Nobody eats anybody in Harmonia. An insect cannot be in an enclosure containing insectivores.
The pens can be NFT or not. An NFT pen increases the probability of triggering a quest, and this quest to be of extraordinary nature. It improves the evolution of animals too. Just like animals or trees, pens have an XP that influences their efficiency, which increases every day they are full (5 animals make a full pen).
Each pen design fits within one of the 5 themes of the game: vegetable, candy, asian culture, and futuristic.


Unlike animals, trees can only be NFTs. Trees are the only elements that produce extraordinary consumable resources: fruit. These are the most valuable consumables, and therefore valuable for trading with NPCs. A single piece of fruit can instantly satiate an animal, whereas 100 leaves are needed for the same result.
There will be 3 ways to get these fruits:
  • buy them directly (integrated purchases) with FIAT currency
  • earn them by watching advertisements
  • harvest them by planting trees
A tree with an XP of 100 (maximum) produces 5 fruit per day. The fruit production is proportional to the XP. Each day in game, if you collect the fruit production, the tree gains 1 XP points.


The Goyaverse is a race against time. To cover your Goyaverse faster, There is a lot of work to do, and the days are only 15 minutes long. It is therefore very relevant to reduce the travel time between actions. To cover more ground on the Goyaverse, you can buy a mount. The mounts are all NFTs. In general, these mounts have the appearance of animals, in some rare cases the mounts can be original like this flying chair.
The speed of this mount depends on its species and its XP. The XP of a mount increases every day in game provided that Goya is using it.
Even at 0 XP, any mount has a higher speed than walking Goya.

Items (furniture & clothes)

Some items are sold directly by L3V3L, but most are made in-game. To make an item, you must gather the necessary resources and go to the NPC concerned (Abry for furniture and Chanelle for clothes). These resources are collected through animal quests, or by bartering with Byzance. As a reminder, Byzance is a merchant who takes a high commission (3 times the price). Once made, these items can be used to generate mini-games and therefore Sorgho or Chronolyx (see chapter Play to earn) or can be sold on the marketplace.


Chronolyx is an NFT that allows you to craft solid objects.