Trees & fruits

Of all resources, one of the most valuable is fruit. A single piece of fruit can instantly satiate an animal. There will be 3 ways to get these resources:
  • buy them directly (integrated purchases) with FIAT currency
  • earn them by watching advertisements
  • harvest them by planting trees
Unlike animals, trees can only be NFTs. They greatly facilitate the player's progress by producing fruits that have a high in-game value. Like animals, trees have an XP gauge. A tree with an XP of 100 (maximum) produces 5 fruits per day. The fruit production is proportional to the XP. Each day in game, if you collect all its fruit, the tree gains 1 XP points.
The visual aspect of trees depends on
  • their species
  • their colour when purchased (as for animals)
  • and their XP which affects their size in-game
All of these parameters help to reproduce the feeling of variety that is present in nature and embellish the world of Harmonia. Last but not least, a tree planted in Harmonia is worth a tree planted in our world. That will also be available in a dashboard in the game. We want you to be able to visualize your impact, the same way you can visualize profits on the marketplace.
To see which tree species are already planned, click here!