Animals do not roam freely on the map. To interact with them, the player must first place them in a pen. To place an insect in a pen, the pen must not contain any insectivores. Nobody eats anybody in Harmonia. An insect cannot be placed with insectivores.
The pens can be NFT or not. An NFT pen increases the probability of triggering a quest, and this quest to be of extraordinary nature. It improves the evolution of animals too. Just like animals or trees, pens have an XP that influences their efficiency, which increases every day they are full (5 animals).
Each pen visuals fits within one of the 5 themes of the game : vegetable/cute, candy, asian culture, and futuristic.
💡 Probability of triggering an extraordinary resource (only if the animal is an NFT):
PenImpactExtraordinaryQuest is 100% if the enclosure is an NFT and 0% if it is not an NFT.
questProbaQueteExtra = (AnimalXP (2/3)) + (PenImpactExtraordinaryQuest (1/3))