Multiplayer mode

By default the experience will be multiplayer. This means that your farm is public. You can choose to travel to a particular player account, or travel in random mode. Any player who travels in random mode can end up on your farm.
These travellers can pick up resources from your ferm, but cannot steal from you. When the traveller leaves, they must leave in your inventory at least the same value as what they took.
If you want the portal to behave differently, to make your space more private, you can purchase an NFT portal or use a weekly subscription.


The most basic NFT gate works like a switch. You can turn it on or off at any time. When it is in the closed position, no one can travel, not even the owner.
Other portals have more complex behaviour:
Switch: closed or open for everyone, including its owner.
Privilege: closed for everyone but open for the owner.
3/5/10 list: closed for everyone except 3/5/10 people.
Markup 150/200/300: the traveller trades what he collects at 150%. He has to give 150% of the value he took to get his booty.
Fruits portal: forces the player to pay for what he collects in fruits.
Sorgho portal: forces the player to pay for what he collects in Sorgho.
We are preparing a surprise storyline for the implementation of the multiplayer mode.