The world of Harmonia can seem vast when travelling on foot. Players can buy an NFT mount to move faster. The speed of this mount depends on its species and its XP. The XP of a mount increases every day in game provided that Goya us using it.
Most often this mount looks like an animal with a saddle, but in some cases the look can be original, like this flying chair for example.
To fully understand the impact of a mount, you have to consider one important factor: time. It takes you approximately 30 seconds to take care of an animal, 10 to fish, 5 to take care of a vegetable patch, to which you must add the time spent exploring the map to find resources, quests, mini-games of one minute each, and multiple interactions with NPCs. In short, you will have understood that time management is a major factor in your success in the game, so having a mount that reduces travel time is an undeniable asset. Not to mention that it is very satisfying to ride a beetle.