Mini games

One of the resources in Harmonia are the joysticks. It is the only non-tradable resource, which burns up as soon as it is collected. When Goya gets one of these joysticks, it triggers a timed mini-game. These mini-games are very diverse and involve animals. When the player plays one of these mini-games, it damages the objects and clothes used to play the game. If the player wins, an Sorgho/Chronolyx reward is earned!
The frequency at which joysticks pop up is conditioned by whether or not you have equipped those objects or clothes.
Winning a mini-game earns 30 Sorgho or 3 Chronolyx. If you fail a mini-game, you can burn 10 Sorgho to try again, but if you exit the mini-game, you cannot try again.
8 mini-games are already designed, and will be implemented in the future. Additional mini-games will be designed and added regularly.