Gardening and fishing

In addition to the main gameplay of exploring to find special resources, taking care of animals and turning resources into items, it is also possible to plant vegetables and go fishing.
These are two other ways to collect resources and Sorgho/Chronolyx (if you have previously stored Thino at Abry or Demet).


If you are a regular player, market gardening is a very relevant time investment. A vegetable seed costs the price of a single vegetable, but a vegetable seed can yield up to 7 vegetables. Every day, for a week in game, if you take care of your plan, it will produce a vegetable. If you forget once, the plant will wither the next day. After 7 days, the plan will die anyway


Fishing in Harmonia Goya's Land is similar to fishing in Animal Crossing. You see a silhouette in the water and approach the dock. If you have already got a fishing rod from Abry, then Goya takes out his fishing rod. You just have to reel in the catch at the right time to get it back. Visual feedback (circles on the water), sound, and sensory feedback (vibrations), indicate the right moment.
There are two pontoons on Harmonia, one produces one resource at a time. So you have to move from one pontoon to the other. The number of daily catches is limited, you must let nature rest!