Gameplay loop

The main gameplay loop revolves around animals. These animals must be pampered and fed. This involves finding their food. So, you collect resources from the lands of Harmonia. These "normal resources" appear every day in game, so every 15 minutes. When you have properly washed and fed your animal, it produces a normal producible resource, and there is a chance that it will trigger a quest. This probability depends on several factors: is the animal NFT or not? What is its XP? Is it in an NFT pen? How long has it been since it triggered a quest? If the animal triggers a quest, and you manage to bring it the food it wants (that you had on you, that you went to get or exchange at Byzance) during the day, then it will produce a special or extraordinary productive resource (extraordinary only if it is NFT). This productive resource can then be brought to Abry or Chanelle to make furniture or clothes. This furniture or clothing carries a probability of generating min-games and earning Sorgho/Chronolyx. This Sorgho/Chronolyx can be reinvested in the game.
Note that the cost of trading with Byzance is very high, so it is smart to have animals of various species to harvest the raw materials of the items directly rather than systematically trading them
In addition to this main loop, there are secondary loops: fishing, harvesting, silviculture, Gretto's quests, Gaudi's building improvements, not to mention the staking mechanics.