Crafting: Furnitures & Clothes

Objects and clothes are created from the resources produced by the animals and Chronolyx.
These items look good, are scarce and tradable. But more than that, they increase the probability of mini games to appear on the map!
Furnitures and clothes have the particularity of promoting the appearance of mini-games on the map, if they are placed in the scene. These mini-games allow the player to earn Sorgho or Chronolyx. When the player plays these mini-games, this slightly damages these objects. The percentage of occurrence depends on the condition of the object. The player can repair these objects with fruits.
Note: only the fishing rod does not get damaged over time. It would be too frustrating to have to keep chipping away at it.
The crafted objects can be sold and rented in the marketplace.
The items can belong to different themes (cute, vegetal, candy, asian, futurist), but also be seasonal. Seasonal items are very rare and cannot be crafted, only bought and resold.