There are many species in the world of Harmonia: mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and insects. These species correspond to 5 themes: cute, vegetable, candy, asian culture, and futurist. Currently, 56 species have been conceptualized.
There are 4 levels of rarity for each theme: limited, rare, epic and legendary.
When the player takes care of an animal, it gains XP and produces normal, special or extraordinary resources. Resources produced by animals can be used to make items to customize Goya's house and to make clothes to dress the avatar. These items are NFT and sold on the marketplace, or kept as they increase the probability of having mini-games appear on the map, and therefore earn Sorgho or Chronolyx. An item or a garment created from extraordinary resources makes more mini-games appear than those created from special resources. Mini-games are quests that will be frequently changed and improved during the lifespan of the game. It is also your way in to profits!
It is not necessary to own NFT animals to play. The same species exist in non-NFT versions, however their characteristics differ slightly.
bought on marketplace
bartered at Argos, the NPC selling animals
can be resold/rented on the marketplace
can only be traded at Argos, no value outside the game.
can be named
does not have a name
has a special colour drawn at random from a panel of 512 colours (max)
has the standard colour of the species
produces normal, special and extraordinary resources
produces normal and special resources

How are the animals cared for?

Each day, an animal can be washed, cuddled, and fed. The camera gets as close as possible to the animal and the controls are similar to those of Nintendog for the most immersive interaction possible.
There is no penalty for not caring for an animal, but caring for an animal increases its XP, its impact in the game, and therefore its value. An animal with a high XP is more likely to trigger a quest. The more quests you have, the more likely you are to be rewarded with expensive resources, your ability to craft NFT items increases and so does your chance to earn Sorgho/Chronolyx.


When an animal is clean, happy and full, it can trigger a quest. This quest is always a food whim: the animal wants a particular food. The player has until sunset to bring the food back to the animal. If the player is successful, the animal will produce a special or extraordinary resource depending on whether it is NFT or not, its XP, and the quality of the pen it lives in.
💡 Probability of triggering an quest:
impactQuest = 10.00f + (XP / 100.00f) * 10.00f => minimum 10, maximum 20
chance = impactQuest + AnimalXP (AnimalXP => minimum 0, maximum 100)
minimum chance : 10, maximum chance : 120
random = Random.Range(chance, 240)
If random is worth more than 180, the quest is triggered.
Find here the list of available animals.