Our vision has always been to combine a fun and "real" game to the power of blockchain assets (NFTs, governance tokens, trading, ...). We want to be a driver for adoption and therefore make our early communities the biggest beneficiaries from a game played by the most gamers.
This is why we aim to be blockchain agnostic in the long term. For the time being we have chosen the Solana blockchain.
Everything is intertwined with our L3V3L Connect solution, making it easy to log-in and easy for new players to have managed wallets.
Why this choice? One of our fundamental intentions is to facilitate access to our games, including Harmonia.


Solana propose the proof of history protocol. It is a protocol that corresponds to our ecological commitment since a request to the Solana blockchain does not consume more than 2 requests to Google.
Solana offers very fast transaction speeds, lower transaction fees, and 
 a great user experience.
It's a strong growing ecosystem with a variety of on-chain tooling with easy composability.
Solana is compatible with several marketplaces.
Solana Labs provides great development support to game devs.
Fast, cheap, ecological, Solana has everything to please.