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What and why

Beta Island was created to reward the first players who supported us. Players claim Chronolyx in proportion to what they have earned in beta jelly during the beta phase of the game. We wanted to add a faster reward mechanism. Indeed, the beta jelly exchange made players wait until September to make profits.
We have therefore set up a weekly competition. For reasons of resource management, we have grouped the last few weeks with one big prize.

What do players earn during these contests?

The competition will last 24 weeks. We had allocating 48,000 WAX earned in our first drop. That's 2000 WAX per week.
To this amount, we added another 2.5% of the secondary market volume (i.e. half of what we collected).
We rank the players according to a formula which is detailed below. Initially we awarded 20 players per week. Since the week of 13 June 2022, we are increasing the number of winners by 5 per week.

How does the ranking work?

The formula is:
x = Σra + ΣB*6
x= amount of points that determine the place in the learderboard.
Σra = the regularity of the animals. Every day, the r of each animal increases by 1 point if the player has taken care of it. If the player has not taken care of the animal for a day, or the animal has changed account, then the animal's r drops to 0. Σra = the sum of the ra of all animals in the account.
ΣB = the sum of the Beta Jellies present on the animals in the account
Please note: We have set up the "animal of the week". If you have the animal, its jelly count double in the points calculation. (It does not affect the number of jellies produced). The goal is to encourage players to diversify their farms and to realize that all animals are important.

What happens if there is a tie?

Player 1 is in rank 1 with x1 points. Player 2 is in rank 2 with x2 points.
x1=x2 : Player 1 and 2 each win : (earn1+earn2)/2 WAX
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