Beta Island

Why Beta Island?

Harmonia: Goya's Land is one of the first P2E game with a high entertainment value. It would have make no sense to drop NFTs without at least a first glimpse of the game mechanics. Therefore, we decided to wait until having Beta Island to do the first drop.

What is Beta Island?

It was a reduced map and beta version of Harmonia, where you were able to take care of your first animals. Only NFT owners was able to play with animals.
We added gameplay mechanics as we go along before releasing the full map.

Beta jelly

If your animals was well loved and fed, you maximized your probability of getting Beta jelly. This Beta Jelly took the place of XP points and was recorded in animals on the blockchain. You was able to see your animals evolve in pens, wash them, cuddle them, feed them. At the end of Beta Island, you'll be able to convert your Beta jelly amount into Chronolyx or resell your pets with their Beta jelly.
To the inhabitants of Beta Island:
We will offer 1 Chronolyx for every 100 Beta Jellies generated on Beta Island. A Chronolyx will be sold for $1.99 in our stores.

Food : Beta Berries, Beta Carrot, Beta Seaweed, fruits

Several types of resources could be used to feed animals on Beta Island.
Just like on the lands of Harmonia, these consumable resources could be normal, special, or extraordinary. They are more or less nutritious.
Consumable resource
Frequency of occurrence
Beta Berry
3 by animal, max 45/day
Beta Carrot
Beta Seaweed
(coming soon) 11/day, but you can miss your action
between 1 and 5 fruits per tree per day (depending on the tree XP)

Beta Island tutorial

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