A glimpse into the Goyaverse

What is Harmonia: Goya's Land?

Harmonia Goya's Land is the first blockchain-based mobile farm simulation game designed to attract different blockchain gaming communities and put them in relationships with mass-market players. It combines the atmosphere and immersion of Animal Crossing: New Horizon with the farming simulation gameplay mechanics of Hay Day to provide the best economical mechanics and a high entertainment value.

Into the Goyaverse

Harmonia: Goya's Land is a benevolent, Animal Crossing-like 3D world. Players explore this world to harvest resources, plant trees, grow vegetables, fish, create original items, customize their avatars, and pet their NFTs in a Nintendog-style. They interact with our 7 NPCs, visit other players' farms, play mini-games to earn Sorgho or Chronolyx.
The overarching goal is to develop an entire universe, unique for each player and stemming from the initial story of the game. The story of Harmonia is participatory. The interactions of the players on our social networks impact the storyline.
Taking care of this special universe, the Goyaverse, can be done through mobile and desktop, VR & AR, anywhere at anytime.
Thanks to our ethical partners, many actions in the game have a real-life impact on our planet to ground your Goyaverse into the world.
Screenshot of the AR application
In the Goyaverse, spend your time productively by reselling or renting items, upgrading them, selling newly crafted items, performing actions, investing, and winning mini-games.
With Harmonia: Goya's Land, L3V3L lays the foundation for a new vision of blockchain where fun, profits, nature protection and ethics finally coexist.
Goya is resting after a long day working to build the Goyaverse